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Thought on Nightfall: Michael's Awakening #2

Updated: Mar 3

What Did You Think About Issue #2

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The Werewolves of Night Fall

The werewolves of Night Fall are interesting with one of the noting features that they do not seem to have an insationable appetite like in most media regarding werewolves. The Vash family in particular haven't shown any of those traits well Michael, Vivian, and Diana (Michael's mother). Lucius and Lucian look like they've eaten a few red riding hoods and grandma's. I wonder if there are werewolves in the Night Fall universe that are like the ones seen in media acting all ravenous? It would be interesting to explore whether the werewolves in Night Fall have traditional weaknesses that have been seen in media or if there are no weaknesses at all. The concept of half…


Dec 21, 2021

Issue 2 was fire! I loved the intro to Vivian and again keeping family important to the story as she is Michaels aunt. Love all the action and artwork for the scenes, it leaves you wanting more. Between that and the mystery at the end, makes for high anticipation for the next issue!


Issue 2 takes it to the next next level and the art was great just like the first issue. I enjoyed the introduction of new characters like Vivian and her cool swords. I enjoyed this one just like the first one and the cliffhanger has me looking forward to the next issues.

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