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Michael Vash is a college football quarterback who finds out from his mother Diana, that he has a legacy-line of werewolves within him. Now Michael is feeling conflicted on what to believe. Although he loves his mother but because of her mysterious past when she first came into town the people now know her as the town crazy woman. Does Michael believe the townspeople or does he believe his mother? Whatever choice Michael decides to take both it will change his life forever.


This comic is brimming with captivating character development, stunning plot twists and beautiful artwork. Suitable for young kids and adults alike. This comic starts off in black and white but slowly goes into color which is a part of the immersive comic.


Created By Dwayne Robinson Jr.

Art by Dwayne Robinson Jr.

Colors by John Cruz

Edited by Terence Young 

Lettering by Dwayne Robinson Jr.

Rating: 12+

Nightfall: Michael's Awakening #1

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