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Vahn is a Relic, a being of both Demon and Human heritage, fated to live a life of tragedy and conflict. Vahn is an outcast amongst both Demons and Humans due to his bloodline and a powerful yet mysterious mark Vahn has come to view as a curse. At nine years old, Vahn’s life was shattered when his hometown of Moonvale is destroyed by a vengeful Demon lord. Vahn watched helplessly while his mother was engulfed in flames, and so too was the life he knew. The lone survivor of the Moonvale Massacre, Vahn's desire for revenge becomes an obsession. In the following years, Vahn undertakes grueling training regiments to advance his combat prowess. After settling down in Blackoak, Vahn falls in love with Sylvia, a prominent knight in the town. Having now established a new life, Vahn's obsession is seemingly forgotten. However, Vahn is soon cast off from Blackoak due to his lack of control over the power hidden within the curse mark. With a new purpose, Vahn seeks out the legendary warlock Solomon, whom he believes can free himself of the curse mark in hopes of finally finding salvation.

This comic book has amazing artwork with a great introduction to Vahn and who he as a character. 

Salvation #0

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