Animation Comics & Entertainment LLC

Animations Comics & Entertainment or A. C. E. was created in 2017 by Dwayne Robinson and Terence Young. Together they had the idea and dream to use their creativity to make unique stories in different forms of entertainment such as animations, comics, movies and video games reviews and more and take their visions and share them with the world.

NIGHTFALL: MICHAEL'S AWAKENING created by Dwayne Robinson is a story about a college football quarterback named Michael Vash who's life gets turn upside down when he founds out the devastating truth about him and his family and learns the differences from knowing the path and walking the path.

SALVATION created Terence Young is a story about Vahn a 3/4 human and 1/4 demon  who has a mysterious curse mark which was giving to him by his grandfather before he died. Now Vahn is on a journey to find the shaman called Solomon to finally get rid of the curse mark but along the way Vahn faces many dangerous enemies while in search of peace and salvation.